In House Master Laboratory

650A9197Timur Kholodenko has been an important member of our dental team for over 20 years.  He is an amazingly talented and resourceful laboratory technician ,  as well as an accomplished artist and underwater photographer.  Although formally trained in the Soviet Union, he has traveled and studied worldwide with other master technicians, always trying to discover the next great innovation in dental technology. Timur ‘s great talent enables us to blend science with art; and together we provide patients unparalleled, realistic and functional results, coming as close as possible to mimicking nature.

Most commercial dental laboratories use 2 to 4 porcelain powders when fabricating ceramic restorations; however, Timur uses between 16 and 26 different porcelain powders to build translucency, vibrancy and depth of color into our ceramic crowns.  Sharing a perfectionist nature, we always strive to innovate and improve. Together we have been able to identify many clinical and laboratory inaccuracies in implant and reconstructive dentistry, dental ceramics and occlusion and develop new techniques and technologies to decrease and often eliminate these problems.  This has enabled us to increase the accuracy of our restorations; thus being able to compress treatment time and decrease the number of dental visits and chair time that a patient needs to spend in the office.

Timur is involved in all phases of our patients dental care, from case planning, temporary fabrication, custom shading, through final restorations.  This integrated approach allows us to control all phases of patient care and ensures unsurpassed results and happy patients.